Therapeutic Massage & Integrative Healing

(60, 90, 120 minutes) – Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue, Neuro-Muscular, Pre and Post Natal, Thai and Orthopedic Massage as well as Acupressure and Oriental Bodywork are available to customize a massage treatment for the individual needs and condition of each client. This results in a deeply therapeutic experience. In addition, years of ‘Hands-on-Healing’ training provide an experience that is deeply relaxing and allows the system to go into alpha state. This type of healing work synchronizes brain waves and coordinates and calms the mind, body, and spirit (nervous and endocrine systems), increases blood circulation to the brain and generally aids in release of and in the faster recovery from stress, tension, and deeply held trauma.


Meditation Instruction

(1 hr session with follow-up ) Meditation is an essential ingredient in your healthy lifestyle- It offers a natural rhythm of rest, health, and harmony in your daily life. Numerous scientific studies have repeatedly proven the countless benefits of meditating. Qualitatively different than what sleep brings, meditation provides a deeper rest; to the mind, the brain, and the entire physiology. Rather than focusing, controlling, concentrating, or visualizing, this meditation technique simply and naturally gives our consciousness the space to self -normalize. Unwinding naturally while revitalizing the nervous system, we rest into the place inside that is the source of health and healing.


Ayurvedic – Lifestyle Consultation

(1 hr initial consultation with follow-up 1 hr sessions as requested) – Using her experience and knowledge Naomi learns about her clients constitution, current routine and educates her client regarding natural cycles and ancient wisdom in order to assist in the adding of supportive habits and harnessing natural rhythms in order to live a more balanced and harmonious quality of life. (May include nutritional info and diet charts, exercise types and program suggestions and meditation and cooking class education as well as referrals to other supportive modalities)


Cooking & Shopping Classes

Classes (1 – 4 hr sessions with follow-up and new classes as requested) – Learn to shop for and cook delicious, simple, and nourishing food, focusing on ayurvedic and oriental principles made easy for the western lifestyle, prepare in season, fresh, unprocessed foods specifically supportive to your constitution type.

Rates for Services
60 minutes – $70 90 minutes – $ 95 120 minutes $120

Cash, Checks and All major Credit Cards accepted

* Meditation Classes – by donation

** Cooking classes usually include a full meal with take-home cooking items including spice mixtures and ghee. Course costs reflect materials and time @ $60/ per attendee

Bodywork for Wholeness Appointments